Viluath Xelta'ar

dragon shaman who attempts to pass off his draconic powers as sorcery--on the hunt for his uncle, Vairio.


Str 14(16), Dex 10(12), Con 16(18), Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 21(25)

HP 112, DR 1/cold iron, Speed 35 ft, AC 23, touch AC 12, Flat-footed AC 22

Fortitude 10(12 vs enchantment), Reflex 10(12 vs enchantment), Will 10(12 vs enchantment)

BAB 8/3, CMB 11, CMD 22


Born to an elven father and apparently human mother, Viluath always had a measure of odd power. Pressured by his parents, he studied magics but found the task altogether boring and often questioned his capabilities. His parents never offered an answer.

Closing in on adulthood, Viluath discovered that his uncle was an adventurer and likely held secrets of the Xelta’ar bloodline. Soon after departing to seek him out, however, Viluath was attacked by an assassin—seemingly sent by order of the ruler of Regalport. Believing it to be due to his hunt, Viluath sought to question this man. On the way he stumbled into a very curious gigantic blue hero of sorts who also was targeted by Regalport. Finding more like them, Viluath and the others eventually made their way to the prince and learned that he sought them for a series of special missions—first to build a new sort of airship.

In the ensuing weeks of adventure to obtain the materials and acquire services necessary, Viluath began to change his previously selfish and solitary ways and learned to work alongside his team. Eventually his study revealed the true nature of his bloodline and that it didn’t originate from his father… but his mother. Fearing the power of a dragon within him would make him an outcast, Viluath hid it behind the powers of a warlock and spells of a sorcerer even as he pursued the golden dragons’ nature to let himself feel complete. His hunt was halted at that point, thinking that he no longer needed to seek out Vairio as he helped his companions seek resolution to their own quests.

Tragedy struck as an airship they rode was attacked and sent down—only Viluath and Stirge seemingly making it safely to the enemy ship and overtaking it. Upon the ship, Viluath overheard that his parents were being targeted by his uncle and he was driven to torture a man to learn as much as he could. Barely able to control the ship with his knowledge of magic and natural talents, Viluath had to land it near the Mournlands. It was there that an old friend was rediscovered and another lost to circumstances unknown. Moreover, others became part of Viluath’s rescue team to the forests he called home.

He arrived almost too late, finding the place he grew up in aflame. While aiding those remaining uninjured who fought the undead, Viluath discovered that his father still fought deeper in the city. Fighting valiantly, Viluath’s father had already sustained great injury by the time Viluath approached. Moments before he could offer healing, however, a necromancer shredded his father to pieces before his eyes with a wall of blades. Enraged, vengeful and driven, Viluath tore into his father’s killer and ultimately cleaved him literally in half.

Little time could be spent mourning his father’s demise, for Viluath soon learned that his mother had been kidnapped alive by Vairio for reasons unknown. Realizing the scope of Vairio’s influence and power, Viluath grudgingly had to admit he was in over his head and couldn’t hope to stand against his uncle without more preparation. With his new allies and Debe in tow, Viluath set out to continue the quest to build and utilize a new sort of airship while seeking whatever he could to find an edge against his power-mad uncle…

The names of two of Eberron’s heroes of the past, who once traveled with Vairio, were the only leads he could investigate.

Viluath Xelta'ar

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